A digital disruptor and a sales educator.

Today, our Buyers are in control … and it’s our job to earn their attention in order to guide them through their buying process with us.

Fresh skills are needed; and as a sales practitioner I am always practicing what I teach in order to keep the lessons I deliver current.

I’ve been selling for 27 years and have trained sales people and business owners for the last 14 years now. I truly love what I do and lift the spirits of the people I am privileged to help succeed.

John Driscoll

I recently spoke to a group of FinTech Sales Leaders where I heard the speaker before me ‘stuff up’. He presented a polished presentation, however his message was outdated and noticeably so. The Q&A that followed was ruthless. The audience, quite frankly, deserved better.


I said to the person introducing me, “Forget the usual introduction. Say this – You guys don’t care where the next speaker has come from. You do care about how this guy can shift your business upwards. His name is John. Here he is!”

I’m the guy you call in to hit the mark, challenge your audience and expect them to improve their business performance the moment the presentation finishes.


Welcome! My name is, John Driscoll, I am ready to listen to your briefing and to challenge your audience to a higher level of performance. As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) with the Professional Speakers Association of Australia, you are guaranteed a professional presentation that is engaging, change-driven, and educational.


There is no reason to sugar-coat life and what is happening within our businesses due to the waves of digital disruption. I’m the guy that will speak straight and honestly to your audience and share with them what I have learnt as I walk walking alongside them in today’s market. My pragmatic focus on what works in an age of Inbound and Outbound Social Selling and New Business Models is a rarity in today’s business community.


When I speak to your people, I deliver meaningful insights into the human interaction that we are currently experiencing in business. You may want to move into a new market opportunity, fend off competitors, prepare for new competitors, raise your team’s business acumen into the C-Level or expand your sales organically – I will provide the injection of personal growth needed to enable the business transformation.


With 26 years’ experience in B2B sales, 12 years’ as a sales educator … I’m ready to help your people thrive in a time of immense change and enormous opportunity. It’s time to say hello. I look forward to our meeting you.

A Timeline of John’s Milestones

As a sales practitioner with over 27 years’ experience, I’ve had an interesting journey learning how to be the best sales person I can be. I will never stop learning; nor will I ever stop selling. It’s how I sharpen and renew my own skills. As a sales educator with over 14 years’ experience, I have taught thousands of sales people. Sales people are the most rewarding people to teach. They know what can work and are the bravest of us all. I’d like to share with you some of my most important milestones in this career path of mine. I look forward to hearing about yours.

The Beginning


First training & selling job for Doug Malouf


Closed $2m deal with Ken Done. Age 24


#1 Sales Person in Telecommunication B2B Sales

Warming Up


Full time Speaker


Wrote & Delivered Cert IV in B2B Sales


News Ltd Licenced my training material

The unstoppable force


Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the Professional Speakers Association


Trained 5,000+ sales people


Founded John Driscoll Training & Speaking Services

Contact John

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