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What you can expect to learn?

In one day you can expect to learn:

  • Real sales skills that are tested in the Australian market.
  • The ability to combine Social Selling and Direct Selling together.
  • The prospecting skills needed to attract new business opportunities from within your market.
  • The ability to manage a full sales funnel at the same time.
  • A well-crafted sales process that is suitable to your business.
  • The skills needed within each stage of your sales process to produce the highest success.
  • The ability to know “what” to do and “how much effort” is involved when forecasting your sales growth plan.
  • An audit of your business growth efforts to baseline and increase your effectiveness.
  • At the end of the program I guarantee you will be more dangerous within your market that before you attended.

What will be covered?

We will cover:

  • The process to find the most profitable buyers
  • How your buyers’ make their purchase decisions
  • What your buyers want from you
  • How to constructively attract your buyers
  • How to convert inbound enquiries professionally
  • How to outbound prospect for new buyers
  • How to connect with your buyers in a synchronised and honest way
  • The psychology of how people make decisions
  • The people skills to listen and learn what your buyers need
  • Selling to Generation Y
  • Selling to Generation Z
  • The difference between a “sales person” and “a closer”
  • How to ask for more business comfortably
  • How to manage your sales funnel successfully
  • How to get the best results using any CRM
  • The best time management for Business Growth
  • A healthy lifestyle in Business Growth Sales

Meet John Driscoll

Event Location

Who should attend?

  • The primary audience for this event:

This event is designed for business owners looking to grow their business and full-time sales people that are expected to create new business. It is focused on the tangible skills and day-to-day routines needed in a business growth B2B and B2C roles.

  • The secondary audience for this event:

Sales Managers that want to renew their core skills in order to train and coach their own sales people. Also, suitable for a new sales person that needs to get up to speed within a short period of time.

Is Lunch included?

  • Absolutely.
  • Expect coffee on arrival.
  • Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea are included.

What about parking?

  • The great thing about a golf course location is FREE PARKING.

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